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22nd February 2014, a rally held at the Spire in Dublin on 22nd February 2014 calling for an end to the US military’s use of Shannon Airport and the release of Margaretta D’Arcy, who was imprisoned for her refusal to sign a bond committing not to enter Shannon Airport as part of the campaign

The project includes documents distributed at the rally.

Political Material from: Free Margaretta D'Arcy, US Military Out of Shannon Rally, 22nd February 2014

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29th March 1975, The Non-Stop Connolly Show, a 24-hour play dramatising the life of James Connolly by Margaretta D’Arcy and John Arden, was first performed on Saturday 29th March 1975. The play was in part supported by Official Sinn Féin.

On This Day, 29th March

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A black and white leaflet with a picture of James Connolly, which reads: Liberty Hall / Easter Week 1975
The Non-Stop Connolly Show;
Written by Margaretta D’Arcy and John Arden;
24-hour show begins 12 noon Saturday March 29;
Separate performances April, 1, 2, 4 & 5 (evenings);
Programme 2p