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The Irish Left Archive is a digital collection of political material from Irish left parties, campaigns and activists. We post left wing political periodicals, posters and leaflets, as well as recording an interview podcast with activists.

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Finally, we finished the year speaking to Orla Egan and Megan Luddy O'Leary about their book, Diary of An Activist, which is an illustrated memoir of social activism in the 1980s and 90s in Cork.

Episode 43: Diary of An Activist, by Orla Egan and Megan Luddy O'Leary — Irish Left Archive Podcast

Irish Left Archive

In December, we had a special episode with Alan Kinsella of to introduce Snapshots of Political Action, a new joint project from Irish Election Literature and the Irish Left Archive, which aims to bring together material distributed at individual demonstrations, marches, rallies and protests in Ireland, providing a view of the different political strands and groups that come together in campaigns.

Episode 42: Snapshots of Political Action: Documenting Protest — Irish Left Archive Podcast

Irish Left Archive

In March, we were joined by Mags O'Brien, who has been active in left campaigns and Trade Unionism since the 1980s. We discussed the divorce referendum campaigns of 1986 and 1995; her experience with the Freedom Flotilla to Gaza in 2011 - which was captured at sea and the crew held in an Israeli jail; her work as a tutor with the SIPTU College and combining her activism and trade unionism; and her edited volume, Left Lives in 20th Century Ireland Vol. 4 –- Women.

Episode 37: Mags O'Brien: Divorce Action Group, Gaza Freedom Flotilla, Women and Trade Unionism — Irish Left Archive Podcast

Irish Left Archive

🎙 Since we've posted our first podcast of 2023 this week, here's a round up of interviews we did in 2022.

We took a bit of a longer break this year, but still added interviews with some fascinating guests from different strands of the left.

Many thanks to all our guests who have given us their time to be on the podcast, and to everyone who has been listening! We have plenty more episodes to come, so we look forward to speaking to more guests this year, and hopefully widen the range of left activism and organisations already covered.

Irish Left Archive Podcast

"Support Palestine!"

A poster from a demonstration on 4th June 2005 against Israel’s occupation of Palestine, from the Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign (IPSC).

The protest was held to during a soccer World Cup qualifying match between Ireland and Israel.

More from the protest here:

Political Material from: Palestine Solidarity Demonstration During Ireland-Israel Soccer Match, 4th June 2005

Irish Left Archive

A poster depicting a man on a soccer pitch whose lower half is that of a soccer player, but whose upper half is a soldier pointing a gun. The text reads: Support Palestine On June 4th; Demonstrate Against Israel’s Occupation; Assemble 3pm, Central Bank, Dame Street; Organised by Palestine Solidarity Coalition

New poster, from a 2015 march in support of the anti-water charges protestors arrested in Jobstown

Stop Political Policing: March in solidarity with the arrested protestors

Stop Political Policing (2015)

Irish Left Archive

We have a new podcast episode lined up for tomorrow 🎙

Meanwhile, if you haven't listened to the latest one, we spoke to and Megan Luddy O'Leary about their recently published illustrated book, Diary of An Activist.

Episode 43: Diary of An Activist, by Orla Egan and Megan Luddy O'Leary — Irish Left Archive Podcast

Irish Left Archive