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12th March 2003, a letter from Joan Collins of the Crumlin Anti-Bin Tax Campaign.

Collins, then a Socialist Party member, was elected to the local council the following year. She is now a T.D. for Right To Change.

Crumlin Anti-Bin Tax Campaign - Monster Meeting (2003)

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The contemporary Socialist Party was formed in 1996.

It arose from the Trotskyist Militant tendency in Labour and the Labour and Trade Union Group in the North, which were associated with Militant in Britain and the Committee for a Workers International (CWI).

Its members are part of Solidarity, and it is affiliated with International Socialist Alternative (ISA) since the latter formed from divisions in the CWI.


Socialist Party

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Front cover of Militant newspaper from January 1972. It has the tagline For A Socialist United Ireland and is labelled Special Irish Edition. The main headline is Ireland: The Real Issues
Logo of Solidarity - The Left Alternative
Logo of the Socialist Party
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The Socialist Party is a name that has been used at different times by unrelated groups in Ireland, from the early 20th Century to the present, and from a number of strands of the left.

Here's a thread on the various Socialist Parties in Ireland


A grey-scale logo of a five-pointed star with a torch in the centre.
Front cover of a book, with the text: Manifesto of the Socialist Party of Ireland, With Declaration of Principles; Price 6d.
A logo of a red, five-pointed star with the words Socialist Party beside it in black text.