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30th September 2019, the formation of RISE (Revolutionary Internationalist Socialist Environmentalist) was announced.

Formed by members of the Socialist Party in the wake of the split in the CWI, RISE went on to join People Before Profit in 2021.

Press Statement: RISE (2019) — RISE

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The contemporary Socialist Party was formed in 1996.

It arose from the Trotskyist Militant tendency in Labour and the Labour and Trade Union Group in the North, which were associated with Militant in Britain and the Committee for a Workers International (CWI).

Its members are part of Solidarity, and it is affiliated with International Socialist Alternative (ISA) since the latter formed from divisions in the CWI.


Socialist Party

Irish Left Archive

Front cover of Militant newspaper from January 1972. It has the tagline For A Socialist United Ireland and is labelled Special Irish Edition. The main headline is Ireland: The Real Issues
Logo of Solidarity - The Left Alternative
Logo of the Socialist Party