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23rd January 1973:

"Giving Irish Trotskyism a Bad Name"

A letter from the Belfast branch of the Revolutionary Marxist Group to the rest of the organisation over a proposal to change the name from ‘Revolutionary’ to ‘Republican Marxist Group’.

Giving Irish Trotskyism a Bad Name (1973) — Revolutionary Marxist Group

Irish Left Archive

in our January activist interview for the Irish Left Archive Podcast, we spoke to left activist, Vincent Doherty.

We discuss his politicisation growing up in Derry; his role in the Derry Republican movement and perspective on the Officials and the divisions which led to the formation of the IRSP; his work with the IMG and Troops Out Movement in England; joining Peoples' Democracy and his central role in the H-Blocks campaign during the 1981 hunger strikes; his move towards Sinn Féin and the influence of People’s Democracy; and his perspective on the contemporary left in Ireland.

Episode 44: Vincent Doherty: Offical Sinn Féin, International Marxist Group, Troops Out, People's Democracy, H-Block Committee, Sinn Féin — Irish Left Archive Podcast

Irish Left Archive