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ℹ️ This document is also a good example of the invaluable comments on many of the documents we post, which have provided a wealth of additional information about the organisations and people active on the Irish left, often from those directly involved.

On any document page, you'll see there are comments "On this site" and "From the CLR" -- documents are all posted to the Cedar Lounge Revolution (CLR) blog first and you'll often find very useful background by following the link to the original post.

A screenshot of the comments section of a document page on the Irish Left Archive website, showing two tabs labelled "On This Site" and "On The CLR", with the latter selected. A link below says "You can join this discussion on The Cedar Lounge Revolution"
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If you want to keep track of documents in the Irish Left Archive for research, you can add them to Zotero ( reference manager automatically with their browser plugin.

We include metadata on document pages to help citation software find titles, dates, authors etc.

A screenshot of a document page on the Irish Left Archive showing the Zotero Firefox plugin menu selecting where to save reference information for the document
A screenshot of the Zotero application showing the added entry for the same example document as the previous image, with title, author, year etc. automatically filled.