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If you want to keep track of documents in the Irish Left Archive for research, you can add them to Zotero ( reference manager automatically with their browser plugin.

We include metadata on document pages to help citation software find titles, dates, authors etc.

A screenshot of a document page on the Irish Left Archive showing the Zotero Firefox plugin menu selecting where to save reference information for the document
A screenshot of the Zotero application showing the added entry for the same example document as the previous image, with title, author, year etc. automatically filled.
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Do people use the links to various platforms on podcast pages?

We've recently moved our podcast over to Castopod ( and are wondering if they add anything or are just noise.

Castopod has icons for lots of platforms, but which, if any, should we include on the site?

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A screenshot of part of the Irish Left Archive Podcast site, showing a link to the RSS feed and a row of logos linking to podcast platforms and software, including AntennaPod, Podcast Index, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and others.
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🎙 A new home for the Irish Left Archive Podcast!

Hopefully the transition will be relatively seamless, but please let us know if you have any issues.

You can now get updates by following the podcast on the Fediverse

Thanks to for their work on free software podcast hosting.

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The code to render the timeline is available on Github, should anyone want to create a similar diagram.

GitHub - Aonrud/ila-timeline: Draw a Timeline diagram


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All of the bits and pieces of code used for the Irish Left Archive project are available on Github, including our main website and customisations to for this Fediverse instance.

Much of it is fairly custom to our project, but interested readers are welcome to browse or reuse it.

All the Irish Left Archive repos are listed here:

Aonrud's list / Irish Left Archive