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"Welcome to Planet Bertie!"

The first issue of Resistance, from the Irish Socialist Network, on the actions of John Gormley as Minister in the Green Party's first coalition government.

Resistance, No. 1 (2007) — Irish Socialist Network

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Welcome to Planet Bertie!

"The biggest issue I have had to deal with in my first few days of office has been the M3 motorway. I spent all day Friday, right up to 11pm, Saturday morning and even parts of Sunday talking to archaeologists and legal people. I phoned the Attorney General at his home on Saturday. The official legal advice confirms that my hands are tied in this instance, despite what certain opposition parties are claiming." Green TD and Minister John Gormley, writing in his blog on Monday, 18 June.

Ah yes, as Homer Simpson famously said, if something's hard to do, it's not worth trying, despite what "certain" opposition parties might say. Expect more of the same from Minister Gormley. The Green Party, for example, is now fully backing the government's policy of co-location, the divisive neo-liberal plan to allow private health facilities on the grounds of public hospitals. As for Shannon… ah now, boys and girls, his hands are tied! Sure, 'tis only a war.

[Image of John Gormley, captioned: John Gormley of the Green Party stares into the abyss.]