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Solidarity on International Workers Day!

Here are some documents from the Irish left marking / in our collection.

On This Day, 1st May

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Front page of Independent Socialist with the headline "Magnificent May Day!"
Front page of Irish Socialist, newspaper of the Communist Party of Ireland, from 1982 with the headlines "Where Goes the Left?" and "May Day Greetings"
Front page of Red Patriot, from the Communist Party of Ireland (Marxist-Leninist) with the headline "Hail May Day! Organise for Revolution!"
Front page of Socialist Republic, from the Movement for a Socialist Republic, with the headline "May Day – Labour Day '77; Solidarity With All Political Prisoners"
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8th March 2018, an International Women's Day march for choice took place in Dublin calling for the repeal of the eighth amendment. Here are documents distributed at the march:

The eighth amendment was repealed by referendum the following May, removing the block on abortion in Ireland.

Political Material from: International Women's Day March for Choice, 8th March 2018

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