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"The Fruits of Apartheid"

From 1983, a cartoon supporting the boycott of South African fruit in response to apartheid.

From Ireland, international magazine of the Workers' Party.

Titled The Fruits of Apartheid, a sketch of various fruit with labels reading: whites only; violence; Forced removals; detention without trial; and poverty. It is captioned: Support the fight for justice in South Africa; do not buy South African fruit.

We returned in November with an interview with Pádraig Mannion, who has been a member of Official Sinn Féin and then The Workers' Party since the 1970s. We discussed his politicisation as a student, and the many activist and electoral campaigns he has been involved in, as well as the politics and development of the Workers' Party.

Episode 41: Pádraig Mannion: Official Sinn Féin and The Workers' Party — Irish Left Archive Podcast

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