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15th June 1989 a general election and European parliament election were held in Ireland.

The GE resulted in the first Fianna Fáil & Progressive Democrat government. It also saw the election of the first TD from the Green Party and increased seats for the Workers Party and Labour.

Election - General Election, 1989

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Black and white scan of the front cover of the Green Party Comhaontas Glas manifesto for the 1989 general election.
The election for Proinsias De Rossa with an image of De Rossa and the text: Vote 1 / De Rossa & Dublin / A breath of fresh air / Vote The Workers Party / June 15th
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11th June 1981 a general election was held in Ireland, resulting in a minority Fine-Gael & Labour coalition government.

Several candidates stood for the Anti H-Block Committee, which supported the on-going Republican hunger strikes, with Paddy Agnew and Kieran Doherty elected.

Election - General Election, 1981

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Two Irish general elections occurred , 6th June, in 1977 and 1997.

Here' the Socialist Party of Ireland's (SPI) Advance magazine profiling their candidate Eamonn O'Brien in 1977. The SPI went on to merge with the Democratic Socialist Party in the early 1980s, which ultimately merged with Labour in 1990. (It is not related to the current Socialist Party).

And from 1997, an analysis from Labour's Emmet Stagg in TILT of Labour's losses in that election (the party lost 16 TDs, going from 32 to 17).

On This Day, 6th June

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Front cover of Advance, No. 25, from the Socialist Party of Ireland, with the headline: General Election 1977; O Brien, Eamonn: Your Socialist Party TD for Ballymun and North County Dublin
Extracts from an article from Labour's TILT magazine headlined: No Disaster: Emmet Stagg Puts '92/'97 in Context
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17th May 2002 a general election was held in Ireland, resulting in the Fianna Fáil and Progressive Democrat coalition government being returned.

An article by Richard Boyd Barrett in Resistance, magazine of the Socialist Workers' Party, reflects on the performance of the left.

Election - General Election, 2002

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A cropped section of a scanned magazine page, showing the headline "After the election: where now for the left?" and an accompanying image of Bertie Ahern getting out of a car surrounded by Gardaí and protestors.